Modern Jazz Movement





Jazz Movement

by Victor LeBlanc, etc Arts and Culture magazine July 1998

This upstart group of jazz players is making a mark on the Lafayette regional jazz frontier. Perhaps the most obvious sign of realistic growth is the number of established regional jazz players in Lafayette that sit-in on many of the MJM gigs over the last few sessions.


This increasing frequency— of the established players "sittin' in" at MJM sessions is perhaps telling of an acceptance from a peer group. These young but tenured players are a fresh breeze blowin’ through an open window, and they are wise enough to place themselves in open view of the regional established scene. Lafayette is in dire need of this upcomance in the Jazz community and the Modern Jazz Movement delivers.

Perhaps I am opinionated because of the friendship and respect I have for this band and the members, but with a clear perspective held in the front of my brain, and all personal stuff aside— I openly declare that MJM is one of the most talented group of jazz players to send serious riffs through the Lafayette jazz community collective earlobe in quite some time.

A breeze is refreshing anytime, but in the heat of summer you can cool off to the phat sounds of MJM at Cornwell's on South College (call for schedule, see Slate section) in Lafayette and at the established jazz venue, The Lion’s Tavern, (near Poet’s on Pinhook) every Wednesday and Saturday from 8 p.m- 1 a.m.


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